Chris Haueter Combat Base

Excel Jiu Jitsu Squad Field trip to Combat Base, ‘The Garage’, on October 29, 2017. Training with Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. Professor Chris Haueter in Redondo Beach, CA.

Article written by Michio Grubbs; BJJ Head Professor Excel Jiu Jitsu Academy Oceanside, CA.

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Chris Haueter; Michio Grubbs BJJ; Black Belts at Combat Base Los Angeles;Chris Haueter BJJ

I started training with Professor Chris Haueter around 2005-2006 time period.

Prof. Haueter has coached and Mentored me into the Jiu Jitsu the practitioner that I am today.,

It was great to see and train with the talent that he is able to gather into his world famous ‘The Garage, Combat Base’ training center.

As always, rolling with Prof. Haueter, is always something to remember. His Grips, pressure, and positional game is incredible and his unique style of BJJ is always something to learn from.

I am approaching my 19th year of Jiu Jitsu and I still learn every time I roll with Professor Haueter. Awesome Jiu Jitsu.

Combat Base Los Angeles Redondo Beach CA; Chris Haueter BJJ; Michio Grubbs Jiu Jitsu;

Awesome training

It was a great group of guys and gals that worked hard and put in some blood, sweat and tears into developing hard core BJJ . Every roll was awesome to watch. Great Jiu Jitsu camaraderie.

Professor Chris Haueter invites Jiu Jitsu Practitioners from all over, with no politics, just train and get better. You never know who is going to show up on any particular day. Prof, Haueter has had the likes of Conor McGregor, The Gracies, multiple times World Champions, etc show up randomly to get some training in.

Chris Haueter BJJ Black Belt; Jiu Jitsu Combat Base;Chris Haueter rolls with everyone

Professor Haueter loves to train. He continually gets in the mix, despite injuries and spars with everyone. Prof., Haueter is a seasoned professional, always leading by example.

Good times

It was great hanging out with our Excel Jiu Jitsu Squad!  Special thanks to Joby O’Brien, Steve Donaldson, and Javier Varon for packing everyone into their cars and making it a fun ‘field trip’ and safe rides to Redondo Beach. Some of us were able to hang out afterwards and grab some Acai and get some BBQ lunch to cap off a great trip!

See you guys next time!




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