Kids Leadership Workshop

We will be hosting our first Kids Leadership Workshop on Saturday, May 27, 2017 11:30am – 1:30pm. Available for our team members, their families, as well as open to the public (don’t have to belong to our Academy). Topics to be covered; 1) Self-Defense tactics 2) Anti-Bullying 3) Goal Setting for kids. Cost is pre-pay $5 each, or $10 on day of event. Please call 760-726-2279 or email to sign up and register.

**team members, this will be a ‘No-Gi’ Event

Everyday in our Martial Arts Academy, the emphasize is on learning and improving. When students come to the Dojo, they come in ready, focused and willing to put their best foot forward. To do their best.

Kids Jiu JItsu seminar workshop achievements

Self Defense

Our main goal in our Martial Arts School, is teach Self defense and life principles though training in The Art of Combat Sports. One of the skills that students acquire is how to defend and protect themselves and loved ones, if need be.

One of the focuses for our Kids Leadership Workshop is to teach street application, self defense tactics of how to restrain an aggressor, and how to escape, get out of bad positions and situations.  We will go over moves, techniques, and positions that are common in a self defense situation.

Anti Bullying

Another topic we will cover, is the Bully topic. We are proud to have Dr. Eric Beam speak and present information to students, parents, and families about how to deal with Bullies and situations from a variety of perspectives.

The hopes of our Kids Leadership Workshop is to educate, enlighten and help to address areas of concern.

Dr. Beam will go over different levels of Bullying, and things to look for and identify, to help remedy problematic situations. Information will be handed out to parents to help educate and help discuss situations with their kids, . For the boys and girls we will go through some skits and scenarios to help them recognize and identify dangerous, and not so dangerous situations.

Goal Setting for kids

We are big into setting goals and going after what we want.  We teach kids to learn to identify what they want, create a plan, and work on achieving it.

Helping Kids to achieve more, empowering Children to do better

Goal Setting is a science that takes many years to get good at.

At the Kids Leadership Workshop, we go over the basics and provide a framework for children to start building the skills to be effective Goal Setters.

We are here to build Champions.  We want every child to know it’s possible to make their dreams a reality.  Our Martial Arts Academy instills confidence, discipline and focus. By helping to create Goal Setting skills, kids will have the desire to work hard to go after what they want.

We are here to help take kids to the next level and are excited to be part of their journey as Martial Artists and outstanding citizens.

More about speaker, Dr. Eric Beam

Dr Eric Beam

Dr. Beam has been an educational psychologist since 1999 and a school administrator in 2005.

He has worked in areas of extreme poverty as well as some of the most affluent areas of Southern California, and he has experience with problems inherent with both of those populations.

He received his graduate training from Northeastern University in Boston and UCLA. More information on his background can be found at



It is our sincere desire that our Workshops will help individuals, parents and families in more ways than one. We associate with outstanding people and have many resources to help those in need.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See you at the Workshop!


Stay Tuned for Our Next Event!

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