The Shodan Philosophy

The “Shodan” (Judo Black Belt) Philosophy

Article written by Eric Charriere; Judo Black Belt

Eric Charriere Judo Black Belt OceansideThere is a common misunderstanding in Martial Arts that achieving the black belt level is the ultimate goal, the top of the hill, the end of the line…

I would like to share my ideas on this notion.

Higher Learning

The reality is far from this misconception, the true practitioners of Martial Arts know, that the fact is, the Black Belt Level is just another gateway to higher learning.

It is a right of passage to unlock advanced techniques and details often overlooked or not taught to lower belt levels.Eric Charriere Judo; Gerald Lafon Judoka; Judo America SD

This higher learning can only be achieved when one stops chasing the next belt promotion and focuses on the pure and detailed execution of each technique to achieve the perfect harmony between each and every moves performed by the athlete.

I am excited to continue pursuing my Martial Arts education and helping to evolve and spread the Arts to everyone that I meet.

Just as my Coaches and Instructors are honoring me with this gift.

Eric Charriere Judo Martial Arts San Diego

Stay Humble

“Student for Life” is not a clever quote from a “fortune Cookie”, it is the philosophy that most Black-Belt Athletes adopt as a way of life. We learn something new everyday, the Black Belt Athlete make it his/her honor and duty to pass it on to others.

Benefits of Judo Martial ArtsJudo Award Eric Charriere Judo Black Belt Certificate

I have studied Judo since 1979 and recently felt that my techniques were outdated and no longer competitive.

Because Judo techniques have changed so much in the past 30 year, I decided to refresh my knowledge of the “Gentle Art” by joining “JUDO AMERICA”, a reputable JUDO ACADEMY in San Diego.

Judo Black Belt

I recently obtained the rank of “SHODAN” or Judo Black Belt from Coach Gerald Lafon, 7th Dan. I am very grateful to have such wonderful training partners and mentors to help me shape my perspectives and understanding of the Grappling Arts.

I am a student for life!  I will continue my Judo studies with Judo America as well as my studies in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Team Excel Jiu Jitsu and will continue Coaching and spreading the Martial Arts Philosophies with all those interested in learning the “Gentle Art”.

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