BJJ Competition

Excel hosted it’s first BJJ Competition, In-House Jiu Jitsu Tournament on August 30, 2017.

Competition Excitement

The Matches were great. We had 20 competitors fighting in 10 match ups. This was an opportunity for students to experience BJJ competition. Our Jiu Jitsu tournaments that we hold for our team members is a great way to get practice in for Larger tournaments hosted and put on by BJJ Associations like IBJJF , SJJIF , NABJJF, etc.

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Jiu Jitsu Education

In our In-House BJJ Tourney, we had a referee, time keeper, assistant Ref, and score keepers along with a great handful of people cheering on the participants. good sportsmanship, respect and honor was all displayed with good attitude. Winners got medals but everyone benefited through the experience and not only learned about Jiu Jitsu, but more about themselves, as combat athletes.

Benefits of competing

Inherently. Competitors get more out of Martial Arts than the casual hobbyists because athletes need to display good Jiu Jitsu to help them win their matches. In academy rolling, no one is keeping track and counting score so many are much more casual about performance. But in a Jiu Jitsu tournament, if you don’t create opportunities and make things happen, you don’t score.

Competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments can really turbo charge your learning. For many competitors, Big jumps are made in levels just by participating in these events, win or lose.

Great job team!  We are very proud of you and looking forward to the continued journey.

See everyone at our next event!


Stay Tuned for Our Next Event!

Women’s only Jiu Jitsu classes
Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA Academy now offers ‘Women’s only Jiu Jitsu classes’. Every Saturday at 8:00am (early bird catches the worm). Women can train in a class that is geared toward’s women empowering other women in an environment that will help each Martial Arts Practitioner learn at their own pace. Women’s BJJ classes in Oceanside,
Training Ethics
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Jiu Jitsu Tournament San Diego
Excel Jiu Jitsu had athletes compete in San Diego, CA at Grappling X California State Championships Jiu Jitsu Tournaments on November 5th, 2017. Excel Jiu Jitsu Academy tied for first place in the Adults Team Standings. Great job everyone! Jiu Jitsu for everyone Excel Jiu Jitsu team had a couple of BJJ youth athletes compete
Jiu Jitsu teaches me
Article written by John Lemus; BJJ athlete I enjoy the discipline I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 6 years now, and I wish I had been training my whole life. Every day that I come in to train I am eager to hear what the mats have to tell me about myself.

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Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA is a family-friendly, full-scale mixed martial arts academy specializing in the art and sport of Jiu-Jitsu. We are about teamwork, friendship and dedication.

It is our mission to enrich student’s lives through training, to encourage personal achievement by building a sense of accomplishment through our many programs offered.
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