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“The Sweet Science”

Welcome to the Boxing life!  Boxing is often referred to as “the sweet science” and is a sport that requires great skill, athleticism and is fast paced.  In our Boxing classes you will learn how to box and train.  Everyone wants to learn how to throw punches or dodge a punch. However there is far more to boxing, such as getting your body ready and conditioned for what boxing is about to do to it.Boxer Life, Boxing coach in Oceanside Vista California, Sio Makihele

Our Boxing Program is headed by Coach Sio Makihele, a very experienced, dedicated, seasoned boxer that loves his craft. In every session he puts his heart & soul into getting athletes to the next level.  We are very proud to have Coach Sio represent the ‘Art of Boxing’ in our humble academy.

Technical Boxing Instruction

Learn the sport of Boxing for conditioning, skills, self defense, and to have fun! Our Instructors will teach you the basics and fundamentals of boxing, from how to throw the common jab, the powerful cross, and the smooth hook. learn proper stance, footwork and how to move efficiently.  You will learn how to slip, parry and bob & weave for good defense.  You will also gain endurance, stamina, balance, strength, power, and increase your focus.  You will acquire Boxing techniques and Boxing skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Basics & Fundamentals is where it’s at

Boxing is a complicated sport, much more complex than it appears to those spectators who have Boxing Women Classes; Cardio Boot Camp, Fitness, Jab, Hook, Crossnever stepped inside the ring. As you start your journey, you will begin learning how to box one step at a time.  You will not only learn to box, but also how to condition your body.  Soon this will become something that you will look forward to.

Learning to box will take time and a lot of effort but you will enjoy the process.  We will provide you the tips and tricks on everything that you will need to know to help you achieve your goals.  Let our Instructors guide you through your journey but most of all…you will have loads of fun!

The Jab, Cross, and Upper Cut

Excel Boxing ClassesBy learning the basics of Boxing, you will build a solid foundation to really create a game that will express you as a talented Boxer.  Not only will you gain skill in “The Sweet Science” but you will be able to express yourself as a combat athlete.

We start every Boxing workout with a light warm up, then proceed into technical instruction, then work towards drilling and sparring, then finish off with Strength Conditioning that will get you stronger every week.  You will build team camaraderie with your teammates as you will help each other get to the next level quickly.  The instruction is solid, the workouts are awesome, and the feeling you get after a ‘Job well done’ is the best feeling in the world.

Boxing for the family, boys girls Boxing gym Oceanside Vista CaliforniaCome in and let’s train!

Boxing, more that just punching

We pride ourselves in our Academy as athletes that seek to improve ourselves, not just skill wise, but as Athletes that want to become better people.  The workouts are vigorous, and the exercises are designed to build fluidity and efficiency and make you a better athlete but the workouts are also designed to help you build your warrior spirit.  We often refer to this as ‘Spirit Building’. For us, this means building from the inside, out.

As you partake in the Group lessons, make sure to go at your own pace.  Everyone has a unique ability and a different pace of learning and we honor this.  Our main goal is that you enjoy the workouts and get the results that you want.

Boxing Gyms Vista Oceanside California; The Sweet Science

The Ultimate Boxer

It’s about doing your best as well as sharing your experiences with the people around you.  When you participate in workouts with a group, you get to feed off the high energy from teammates that want to excel and will work hard to make those improvements.  In return, you want to contribute to that hard working energy that will inspire your workout partners to push themselves to the next level.  This is called teamwork.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  Be that good teammate!

Advance Boxing

As you progress to the advanced levels of Boxing, you will realize what gets you there is consistency and discipline.  You will have very experienced training partners as well as a seasoned Boxing Coach that will get the most out of you when it comes to progressing.

In our Boxing Gym, We have level 1; Beginners, level 2; intermediate, and level 3; Advanced curriculum and unique standards for each level.  If you already come in with experience, Coach Sio will asses you and make sure that you have the correct teachings.

The Time is now.  Let’s make that push to get to the next level.

Boxers in training, Boxing lessons for Self defense; Striking Martial Arts..Hard Work Pays Off!

Kids Boxing Rocks!

Kids love Boxing!  This is where kids shine!  They get to build strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and balance in a fun, and productive way that also helps to build self defense skills. We often talk and teach about confrontations, and conflict with bully’s and with life and how to conduct ourselves and how to rise above the chaos.

Boxing Gyms boys girls Boxers Oceanside Vista CaliforniaThe workouts are fun, energized and exciting. The boys and girls help each other as they carry out the Coaches coaching cues.  We instill pride in the workouts that help the kids deliver their best efforts.Kids Boxing Lessons Oceanside Vista California

Boxing Workouts that everyone can do

We start kids as young as 4 years old and help them to develop passion for exercise and put emphasize on character building. It’s important for all children to come in with a good attitude and positive mindset so they can get the most out of training.

Boxing Gyms Oceanside Vista Girls Boys KidsWe like that kids are team oriented and willing to be good training partners for their teammates. Bring your child in and see if it will be a good match for the family!

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