Jiu Jitsu breeds confidence

Article written by Casey Escamilla; Jiu Jitsu Athlete;

Casey Escamilla Jiu Jitsu athlete; BJJ Fighter; Mixed Martial Arts life;

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Many people go through life without breaching their comfort zones, with shelter and ease.

Jiu Jitsu fixes that, it’s a team centric, individual sport, however contradictory that may seem.

As an individual, once you begin rolling, it’s all on you.

There’s no time outs, no substitutions, and no backup.Just you, your knowledge, your body, and your understanding against your opponent’s similar qualities.

But in that same statement, the knowledge you gain, the understanding you receive, and your body awareness doesn’t come without hours and hours of sparring with your teammates.

No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Oceanside, Vista CA; Submission Grappling Mixed Martial ArtsGood Teammates get you better

Professor Michio Grubbs has said it time and again, “No one can practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by themselves”. You need a team, you need dedicated training partners to give and receive knowledge, and you need an atmosphere to cultivate that exchange of information.

To get the right atmosphere, it all comes down to rules (stay with me). The basics are simple, protect yourself and protect your partner, but beyond that there’s more. Protect yourself, but take risks. Protect your partner, but apply the pressure. In other words, work. This is where confidence comes in, when you know your partner is going to put in the work, to apply the pressure until someone cracks. And in that moment you realize that you’ve figured it out, you made it through, win or lose you are still there.

Jiu Jitsu lifestyle will make you a better person

One thing that jiu jitsu does is simplify things. When you know your partner is putting their work in… with you as the target, you’re no longer worried about bills, or meetings, or work, just the man in front of you. There’s simplicity in that, and when it’s all over, you can rely on those moments for everything else. Whatever your weakness may be, these struggles improve them. They harden your fortitude because you’ve been through worse on the mats.

-Casey Escamilla

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Grappling X BJJ Tournament
Congrats athletes on a job well done at Grappling X Jiu Jitsu tournament held on March 3, 2019 in San Diego. Excel Jiu Jitsu team brought a team of kids and adults to compete against some outstanding BJJ competition coming from all over the county. Grappling X BJJ Tourney Congrats team on earning 1st in Grappling
Youth Leadership Workshop
Excel Martial Arts Oceanside, Vista Ca will hosting our next Kids Leadership Workshop on Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:30pm-8:00pm for Junior Kids (7-15yrs old) & Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:45am-9:30am for Tiny Tuff (4-7yrs old). Open to the public, don’t have to be a member. Call 760-726-2279 or email info@exceljiujitsu.com for more info. Kids Leadership

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