Kids doing their best BJJ

Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA Oceanside is hosting our 2nd Kids In-House Jiu Jitsu Tournament on December 2, 2017. The idea is to give the boys and girls more practice at competition BJJ. We encourage children to never shy away from competition. To put forth their best effort and to try their best under uncomfortable circumstances and under duress.

Boys and girls Jiu Jitsu competition

Students benefit when they can test themselves in a competitive environment that promotes students doing their best. The whole idea is to keep students learning and improving at an accelerated rate. The idea behind boys and girls competing in a competitive setting is to sharpen their hustle, block out the distractions, and to improve their focus to the matter at hand.

By having a competitor ‘in your face, coming after you’, trains the student to level up. For the student to bring forth and summon all their talents accumulated from previous training. We want each child to succeed.

We cannot control the outcome of the match but we can control the effort of determination and focus that we put in. It’s awesome to see the children bring out that ‘Jiu Jitsu Beast’ on Match day.
Kids Love Jiu Jitsu tournament; tap out cancer BJJ boys girls tournament

Kids Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Our In-House Kids BJJ Tournament is designed for boys and girls to learn both the values of winning and the values of losing. Respect and good sportsmanship is a must.

Our tourney is about ‘Safety first’ and has all youth competitors understand this. Each boy and girl are trained to take care of teammates in the best way possible. We will have two refs. One Ref to manage the match and a second referee to monitor safety of the participants.

It’s an awesome experience to create opportunities by stepping it up and making things happen that puts points on the scoreboard of life. It creates value and instills self-confidence and self-worth. As a school, we do our best to instill in every Martial Artist the ‘Go after it’ attitude.


See you at the Tournament!


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It is our mission to enrich student’s lives through training, to encourage personal achievement by building a sense of accomplishment through our many programs offered.
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