Boxing & Kickboxing

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you engage not only in learning techniques and mastering strategies but also in developing superior composure and strengthening your mental resilience. Each day presents an opportunity for continuous improvement and growth.

Boxing training session focusing on punch combinations and defensive maneuvers.


Our Boxing program focuses on the fundamentals of stance, punch combinations, and defensive maneuvers. Students learn through drills and sparring to enhance their agility, power, and endurance, preparing them for competition or fitness boxing in a supportive environment.

Kickboxing workout incorporating powerful kicks and knee strikes.


Kickboxing combines elements of traditional boxing with powerful kicks and knee strikes. Participants will develop their striking skills, balance, and coordination through targeted workouts and controlled sparring sessions, all while building formidable self-defense capabilities and overall fitness.

Participants engaging in strength training and cardio exercises during boxing and kickboxing classes.


All of our boxing and kickboxing classes are structured with conditioning and fitness elements to compliment your training. They incorporate strength training, cardio exercises, and flexibility routines to improve overall physical health, boost stamina, and increase muscle tone, suitable for all fitness levels.

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